10 food items that help you overcome erectile dysfunction

10 food items that help you overcome erectile dysfunction

There is a famous saying which goes “you are what you eat.” The body which has the ability to heal all the internal and external wound that we inflict upon it. However, the body needs support in terms of energy in order to perform the function. Where does the energy come from? Food.

If pills and surgeries can work for erectile dysfunction (ED), so can food. Here is a list of fruits that should consider including in your diet.

If you think what a watermelon filled mostly with water can help in erectile dysfunction, think again. It could very easily rev up your sex drive, as per studies. While most of the watermelon is water, there is also a significant presence of lycopene – an antioxidant that is good not only for the heart but also for prostate and skin. It is believed that this fruit has effects similar to ED meds on the blood vessels.

Oyster shells are known to boost testosterone levels, which in turn helps with the sex drive. The zinc content of oyster is an important nutrient for the body. However, ensure that they are cooked properly and also buy them from a good source.

A cup of coffee is the right boost you need for a good love life. The caffeine boosts the blood flow and you are less likely to have erectile dysfunction. If you are not a great fan of coffee, go for sports drinks, sodas, and teas.

Dark Chocolate
Chocolates are rich in flavanols, This plant nutrient (from cocoa) is known to improve the function of the blood vessel, thereby supporting the functioning of the cardiovascular system. As the blood flow increases, the blood pressure goes down which is a positive sign for recovery. Flavanols also help the body to produce more of nitric oxide, again a substance that can cure erectile dysfunction.

Walnuts, for example, besides being a great source for Vitamin E, folic acid and fiber – it also has lots of arginines – an amino acid which your body uses to make nitric oxide. Take a handful and consume them every day. Try to use them in the salad so that you ensure that the intake is sufficient enough.

While the strong smell of this bulb might turn you off, garlic in the diet ensures to keep your arteries healthy and reduce chances of any blocks.

Salmon and any other fatty fish have a great source of omega-3 fatty acid which boosts the nitric oxide in the body. Ensure to consume 8 ounces of salmon a week. They also drastically reduce your chance of heart attack and blood clots.

They are the powerhouse for anything nutritional. Kale, for example, is a great nitric oxide booster.

Jalapeños, cayennes, and other forms of pepper are known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They also prevent blood clots. The heat from the spice relaxes the arteries, thereby increasing the blood flow to your heart and also to the penis.

Olive oil
The monounsaturated fat helps you to get rid of the bad cholesterol. Go for the extra virgin olive oil which is pressed without any chemicals or high heat. This oil increases testosterone levels which lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction. 

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