Top Electronics Deals for the Holiday Season

Top Electronics Deals for the Holiday Season

Preparing for Black Friday involves not only savvy shopping, but mentally preparing, fueling up on gatorade, and wearing comfortable shoes to brave the crowds. Grab your favorite shoppers, aka crowd allies, and plan out what you want in advance to score the best deals on electronics. A little bit of advance preparation will help you get the latest and greatest in big name electronics, like the latest and greatest 4K TVs and gaming devices. 

Here are some of the most coveted items for this year:

1. Echo Dot
Amazon is running all sorts of special Black Friday deals and it is a great time to get the Echo Dot for a great price.What is really special about the Echo Dot is the way it listens to your voice. The Echo Dot actually tunes in to your voice over time and becomes more dynamic. If there are multiple members in your family, the Echo Dot is able to actually adjust over time and learn each person’s voice. The Echo Dot lets users listen to music, get up to the minute news, check mortgage rates, or even order a pizza for delivery.

2. Vizio 65-inch M-Series Quantum 4K TV
Wow, talk about color. This TV features the all-new VIZIO M-Series Quantum 65” Class (64.5” diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV.

3. Nintendo Switch
Take your Nintendo Switch in your pocket. Single or multiplayer joy rocking action at home or on the go. 

4. Nintendo Switch games
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from Amazon, and Sid Meier’s Civilization VI are anticipated to be the most coveted Black Friday games this year.

5. Nintendo Switch accessories
Be on the lookout for 128 GB High-Speed MicroSD Card or larger on sale for your Nintendo Switch. Do not skimp on storage because you will need it for game files

6. Apple AirPods and Apple Watches
AirPods deliver effortless, all-day audio on the go and basically upgrade your cool points immediately. There is something really cool about these AirPods, that despite having similar functionality to every other Bluetooth headset, Apple still hits it out of the park. The built-in charging case is a nice touch. A must have for Apple lovers is also the Apple Watch can track health activity, communicate with friends, and run a wide range of apps

8. Compare deals
To get the biggest bang for your buck this Black Friday, you should compare all major retailers online in advance. Check Amazon, Walmart, and Target first. Many times the best deals are at different stores and at different times of day. If you want to get a great 4K TV across town and the best new smart watch, you may need two groups to be in two places at once. Also, don’t forget to check out all the deals from major service providers on things like TV and internet bundles for home and business. Comcast is offering one such stellar deal on Comcast internet business deals, featuring an Xfinity three-product bundle package, including cable, internet and voice with a limited time $150 Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount.

Happy hunting this holiday season for the best deals on 4K TVs and all high end electronics!

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