The Pros and Cons of Pet-Friendly Hotels

The Pros and Cons of Pet-Friendly Hotels

Traveling can be a stressful time for pets and pet owners. As owner, you’ll have to decide whether or not it’s easier to bring your dog with you or have someone pet sit. If you have a dog who suffers from separation anxiety or needs special attention, it may be easier to bring them along. You’ll need to keep your pet safe by planning out every aspect from traveling to lodging. Here are the pros and cons of staying at a pet-friendly hotel:

1. Security deposits

Pet hotels tend to have a pricier security deposit than those who don’t allow pets. This is done both for the hotel’s safety and the owner’s safety. This security deposit will cover any minor scratches or cleanup that needs to be done after a dog and their family checks out.

2. Rooms with odors

If you’re traveling with pets, you need to be aware that rooms may have a slight odor. That’s because dog friendly hotels can be filled with lots of four-legged companions especially during peak season. Although hotels work hard to clean, it’s impossible to get all the smells out. This is especially problematic for someone who has allergies or is sensitive.

3. Giving attention on vacation

Sometimes, people love their dogs so much that they want to bring them everywhere with them. If your dog does not suffer from separation anxiety or being apart from you, it may be easier to leave them at home. Dogs can get nervous with all that traveling and it can be hard for you to balance your time relaxing and giving your dog enough attention. 

4. Bonus perks for pets

Bringing your dog along for the vacation does have perks. Many hotels that accommodate dogs offer added bonuses for them like food, treats, and playtime. There are often nice areas and dog parks nearby to accommodate exercise and fun. If you’re bringing your dog with, they should be able to also have fun on vacation instead of staying locked up inside the hotel room.

5. Chance to bond 

Pet-friendly hotels allow you to hang out with other like-minded individuals. If someone is staying at one of these hotels, there’s a good chance that they either have a dog or love dogs. You can bond with each other, ask for recommendations on dog-friendly activities, and make new friends to go on walks with.

6. Play areas for dogs

Finally, a big perk is that hotels that accommodate dogs usually have an area for them to play outside. Instead of your dog being cooped up all day, this gives them a chance to roam free. Hotels may also have nearby pet-friendly beaches and restaurants that a family can check out with their dog as well. Little things like this make it easier for someone to travel with their dog.

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