The Best Laptops for Students

The Best Laptops for Students

Back-to-school season is the time of year most students are scrambling to get themselves organized for the coming semester. A big part of that includes getting the right supplies to ensure success. They will need items like pens, notebooks, fall clothes, and the latest technology. That’s right, students need a good laptop to help get them through the new year. Each of these models provide pupils with the resources they need to make their school year a great experience. 

Here is a list of the best laptops for students:

1. Lenovo Yoga 530

The Lenovo Yoga 530 is a touchscreen laptop that provides power, speed, and versatility. This computing unit is lightweight and easy to manipulate, meaning a student can easily lug this laptop between classes without getting tired or worn down. Users can download applications or install the latest programs that will allow them to take notes, do homework, research information, and write papers. 

2. MacBook Surface Pro 

The MacBook Surface Pro is a top of the line laptop computer. This model is extremely lightweight and it has a battery life that lasts for 13.5 hours. The MacBook Pro is also a convertible device. Users can transform it into a tablet that can be viewed from different angles. The unit’s touchscreen provides users with flexibility as well. They will be able to easily manipulate their screen while doing school related tasks. 

3. Dell XPS 15 

Dell is a computer brand that is known for its great laptop products. Their XPS 15 model makes a great student laptop because it has outstanding graphics, a cool running processor and it packs a lot of power. This laptop is designed to last students for many years and it offers a lot of screen space. You would think that a 15-inch laptop would be a bit on the heavy side – but the XPS 15 is not. The device’s thin design makes it a great laptop for carrying and for transporting into tight spaces. Power and outstanding graphics are the two qualities that make Dell XPS 15 stand out from the competition. 

4. Huawei Matebook 13 

The Huawei Matebook 13 is a great device for the school environment. This laptop is helpful for both college students and high school kids alike. The unit has powerful specs with 8GB of RAM and SSD space up to 512GB. Apps and programs will run easily without interruption on this unit. The touchscreen will give students an optimal way to manipulate on screen content and graphics. Matebook 13’s online connectivity is also hard to beat.

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