The 5 Best 4K TVs

The 5 Best 4K TVs

Nowadays, one can see the world from the comfort of their living room by using their own 4K TV. Over the years, television has evolved from grainy, black and white images, to smooth flowing, high quality, and high definition videos, streamed directly from multiple sources onto a large flat screen. A 4K TV, also considered an ultra high definition TV, provides the utmost level of quality by giving the viewer a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. 

While being over four times the quality of typical HD televisions, the 4K TV is today’s go to choice when shopping for a new display. With so many choices available for purchase, though, it can be intimidating to choose one. Here, the top five choices are outlined below:


This TV is revolutionary. It provides perfect black color to enhance the images that appear and to add to the level of powerful detailing in its video streaming. With monitor sizes ranging up to 77 inch displays, it is very easy to convert a living room into an entire home theater experience with this TV.

2. Vizio M Series Quantum

With a lower price tag than most of its quality range, the Vizio M Series Quantum TV is a spectacular innovation, as well. It features Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, and other modern integrations to support the highest level of user friendliness available through a TV with amazing image dynamics.

3. Sony Master Series A9G OLED TV

Although this TV has a higher price tag, coming in at around $2,200, it may absolutely be worth it for its speedy processing, high definition image quality production, and terrific acoustics to match. The highest breed of its kind, this TV provides support and captivating performances like no other.

4. TCL 6-Series 65-inch Roku TV

Perhaps the most versatile of TVs featured here, the TCL 6-Series 65-inch Roku TV integrates some very special qualities, including over 1.07 billion colors to enhance one’s viewing pleasure. It illuminates a room with an admirable set of colors and crisp images, and creates an overall ambiance suitable for a king or queen.

5. Samsung Q90 QLED TV

Samsung has created a name for itself over decades, and this TV only adds to its glory. This television is one that combines quality with quantity by providing a mass of content to explore in spectacular quality. Varying screen sizes will allow one to find the perfect fit for a living room or mantle. This TV is one that has matured over multiple evolutions, and has a history of excellence behind it.

Although any one of these televisions can get the optimal results for someone avidly looking to purchase a TV, different factors can be taken into consideration to completely understand which one is the perfect fit for a certain set of expectations. Price tag may be the first point to look towards, since these do all vary greatly in budget. Screen size may be another, since a perfect room is only complimented by the perfect piece; in this case, the perfect TV. In terms of quality, all of these have the best quality productions available, and each has its own speciality in displaying that. Look no further than these, the five best 4K televisions out in the market, ready to compliment any setup.

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