Picking a Men’s Watch Style that Works Best

Picking a Men’s Watch Style that Works Best

Wearing a wristwatch is a necessity to make your dressing complete. It is an item that you wear daily, and it’s like a further extension of yourself: hence it should be perfect. When looking for a wristwatch, you should go with the one that suits your personality. Furthermore, you should look out for a functional and stylish watch that suits your lifestyle and wardrobe. However, in this article, we will help you purchase a watch that better suits your personality and lifestyle. 

The following list contains men’s luxury brand watches by style:

1. Pilot watch

Do you spend most of your time in the air? Or do you frequently use air mode of transport? If this is you, then you must find yourself a perfect pilot watch. Initially, it was first used by soldiers in the world war. However, the rise of technology has played a significant role in upgrading the clock to a stylish yet impressive watch for any modern gentleman. The watch is incorporated with a GPS tracker, flight timer, airport database, compass, and technical aspects. Besides that, the clock is built with an easy to read and sleek design.

2. Dive watches

Keeping track of time while you are a thousand feet underwater is impossible while using standard wristwatches. The first model of a dive watch was introduced in the 1950s by Rolex Company. In that decade, they launched two models of dive watches, the Submariner and the Bond. For a dive watch to be perfect, it must possess a high level of accuracy and superior water resistance. Also, the material casing and band must be titanium, stainless steel, or rubber: hence, attaining corrosion resistance abilities. For the glass cover, the material must possess crystal clear features such as sapphire. However, divers at times prefer hard mineral glass over sapphire due to its scratching abilities.

3. Field watch

Field watches were invented way back in World War 1. They have evolved in style, reliability, functional, and also quality. If you want a reliable and rugged watch, then you have to opt for a field watch. A perfect field watch must have a canvas or leather bond, and a stainless steel casing.They are typically built to adapt to harsh conditions since it’s normally used by the military. Any field watch must have a high contrast dial, glare-proof crystal, and a luminous hand.

4. Dress watch

If you are searching for elegance and simplicity in a watch, then the dress watch will perfectly suit your needs. This watch is designed for time-telling only. The clock was intended first at Beau Brummel in the 19th century. According to Brummel, for a watch to be a dress watch, it must be thin to complement the owner’s dressing.

Technology has played a massive part in making a perfect dress watch. Currently, any dress watch must have clutter free dials. Also, its face must be metallic and not extensive than 40mm. The metallic material should be precious to portray a specific occasion.

5. Driving watch

The driving watch is a massive upgrade of the field watch. They have an exotic style branded with fabric or leather bands. For any stopwatch, it must have a tachymeter and a chronograph. The latter acts as a stopwatch using a sub-dial. Also, they come with a high contract dial that enables their visibility even at high speeds. Also, they come with a unique angle case that allows you to read the watch without setting your hand off the steering wheel.

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