How to Create the Best Outdoor Hot Tub Space

How to Create the Best Outdoor Hot Tub Space

Hot tubs are amazing. The only thing any better than relaxing in a hot tub at a hotel or spa is owning your own. Many people do not realize that there are so many health benefits to owning your own hot tub (from destressing to reducing back, neck, and shoulder pain). They are really great for alleviating many pain conditions, promoting better blood circulation, and for stress relief. And of course, there are many benefits of entertaining if you can throw a hot tub party. 

Once you figure out your hot tub installation costs as well as your chemicals and accessories you will be able to start designing your very own unique and beautiful hot tub space:

1. Install a bar for entertaining

Having a bar included in your hot tub space would be ideal for entertaining. Just imagine a well-stocked bar right outside your hot tub while you are soaking with family and friends. Consider an outdoor wet bar set up complete with a sink, counter space, mini fridge as well as a fancy portable ice maker and blender. Don’t forget an area for storage for wine and beer glasses, bar accessories, and shot glasses behind closed cabinetry.

2. Greenspace and trees

Imagine having a gorgeous hot tub space out in the middle of your private back yard, surrounded with trees and nature. Adding exotic vines, trees and bushes, adding a rock garden, or using stone to create a sleek patio design will be gorgeous and functional. You could create a zen place to relax by adding plants and greenery in pots and hanging baskets. Don’t forget to light your path or walkway to your hot tub using outdoor solar or twinkle lights that will make your space even more inviting.

3. Build a deck around your hot tub

There are so many desk design ideas that you could envision as far as designing your hot tub space. For instance, a tiered deck may feature an outdoor kitchen with a grill at the top level. A hot tub level with a wooden bench built around it, and a welcoming fire pit on the bottom level for going from hot tub to crackling fire on cold nights of entertaining. 

As you can see there are so many options in hot tub space design. You will have to find the design that is perfect for you and your family. One that invites relaxation while being functional for entertaining.

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