Cell Phones and Phone Plans That Seniors Love

Cell Phones and Phone Plans That Seniors Love

In a world where everyone has a smart phone, it can often be daunting deciding which phone and plan to buy, and these problems can be even harder for seniors. Exactly which phones offer options such as large print, extra call volume, or hearing aid compatibility can make all the difference for seniors. Read on for some cell phones and phone plan options that are ideal for seniors:

1. Motorola Moto G7 Power
The Moto G7 Power from Motorola boasts many features that seniors may find attractive, such as a very low price point compared to its competitors, and absolutely unrivaled battery life. Additionally, the android operating system includes many accessibility options that seniors may find useful, such as magnified text.

2. Jitterbug Smart2
This smartphone was designed to be the simplest smartphone on the market, and is made just for seniors. It’s key features include a simple list based menu; a large and surprisingly clear screen; and easy to use voice to text utility; and battery life that is much longer than many more mainstream phones.

3. Doro 7050
The Doro 7050 is an interesting entry in that it is not a smart phone at all, but a flip phone. This is a phone for those who just want to be able to make and receive calls, and it serves it purpose very well. It even has one feature many smartphones do not have, and that is the ability to connect to both 3G and 4G networks, increasing call stability and coverage.

4. Blackberry Key2 LE
This is a slightly higher end phone compared to the others on this list, but it has many features that seniors may find appealing. For a start, a physical keyboard is a much desired feature in many senior communities, and it is something that is getting harder and harder to find. In addition, like most of Blackberry’s phones, the Key2 LE is focused on productivity, and as such in has many apps and features to make it easy to write letters and send emails.

Getting a phone is only half the equation. You also need to choose a plan for your new phone. Each of these providers has a plan especially for senior citizens:

  • AT&T Senior Nation Plan: At just under $30 (USD) a month, this plan is very affordable. It is focused on phone calls only and as such does not work with a smartphone, but it is a good plan for those that wants to use their phone just simply as a phone.
  • T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Plan: T-Mobile’s senior plan dispenses with minute restrictions and offers free unlimited calling on its network. In addition is is priced at just $27.50 per month making it a very solid option.
  • Verizon Senior Phone Plan: While Verizon’s Senior plan may seem pricey when compared with its competitors at $60 a month, the amount you get for that money is where this plan shines. In addition to unlimited talk and text, this plan also offers unlimited data and much better speeds than the other plans on this list.
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