All you need to know about maintaining home appliances

All you need to know about maintaining home appliances

Home appliances can last one for years and years if they are properly maintained. Maintaining them properly helps you save on money time and again in an effort to repair them or replace certain parts. While there are company servicers who provide their expertise for regular upkeep of the appliances, it is always good to know the basics yourself. Here are some tips to guide you in keeping your fridge, washing machine and some of your other favorite home appliances in good stead:

The most used home appliance is the refrigerator. It also consumes a lot of energy and needs to be well taken care of as it is supposed to be a long time investment.

  • Clean the rubber gasket lining the door of your fridge whenever you find food or dirt particles on it. The gasket helps in sealing the cool air inside the fridge. A dirty gasket may allow cool air to escape and the foods may become stale.
  • Clean the condenser coil twice in a year. The dust or dirt that clings to the coil will hinder the coil from removing heat from the fridge. This, in turn, will consume more energy.
  • Defrost the freezer. Whenever frost accumulates on the walls of the freezer, the fridge heats up to remove it, resulting in excess consumption of energy. To avoid this turn off the unit and allow the frost to melt and flow out.

A microwave is one home appliance which can be easily used by your kids too. Warming curries and other things that may spill leads to stains inside which need to be cleaned frequently.

  • Clean the inside of the microwave oven with a wet wipe regularly to avoid smell and formation of corrosion.
  • Never use metal inside a microwave. Use only microwavable cookware
  • Make sure the doors are closed while microwaving.

Since this home appliance is meant to wash the used utensils there is every chance that food remnants in the utensils may clog the drain.

  • Keep the interior clean and fresh by rinsing the dishwasher once a week with a cup of vinegar.
  • Food and dirt may clog the drain. Unclog and clean the drain normally at the bottom of your dishwasher to maintain its efficiency.
  • Keep the exterior and the edges of the appliance clean. Check the gasket, basket, and the soap dispenser periodically.

Air conditioner
It is essential to maintain it in good condition for optimum utility. Plus, repairing or replacing home appliances like air conditioners are expensive.

  • Clean the filter once in a fortnight to allow free airflow. If the filter is non-reusable, simply replace the filter when it clogs down. This way the energy used may be saved to a large extent.
  • Clean the dust and dirt from the coils of the appliance to maintain efficiency.

A toaster is a home appliance that sees a lot of usage. Good, efficient care ensures it works properly for a long time.

  • Do not leave the bread in the toaster for a longer time. It will burn and stick to the toaster.
  • Clean the crumbs tray at the bottom after every use. This way you can avoid fire accidents.

Washing machine
This home appliance requires basic maintenance and periodic upkeep to keep it running for a good number of years.

  • Do not overload the machine as it will damage the washer
  • Use the right kind of detergent in the right quantity
  • Run an empty load with hot water and two cups of vinegar once in a month to fend off odor.
  • Check the hoses for bulging, cracking and tight fit.
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