7 types of gardens for your yard

7 types of gardens for your yard

Almost every household has a few plants and flowers around. But every individual has a different idea of what type of garden they would like to plant in the space that they have. There are roughly 7 types of gardens that exist.

Vegetable garden – This is perhaps a common garden that people look after. Besides being a garden, it also provides food for the family. Many people grow small gardens with vegetables, thus reducing the amount they buy from the store. Taking care of a vegetable garden is not easy. Different vegetables have different requirements. You need to plan out what you wish to grow. You can initially pick vegetables that are easy to grow for an amateur, until you have gained experience.

Flower garden – A nice flower garden adds a great amount of aesthetic appeal to your home. It adds color to your yard and gives a visual perspective. Common flowers are easy to grow and lots of information is available on how to take care of them. Exotic flowers need special care, but you should always research before you select the flower you wish to grow. Choose flowers that are suited to your area. Some flowers do not do well in heat while others need lots of sunlight.

Herb garden– To grow an herb garden you need to have the ingredients that make medicine. Those who are interested in holistic medicine keep herb gardens. These herbs or spices can also be used for cooking and for sauces, etc. Some common herbs are basil, coriander, sage, parsley, mint, rosemary, fennel, dill etc. You will not find any trouble in growing these herbs, but you need to take care of them individually. They are practical and add a charm to your yard. You can easily create an indoor herb garden too.

Raised gardens – This is a type of garden that can be planted where the soil is not so fertile. You have to first build a platform, which will rest on top of the normal soil, that acts as walls for your garden; you can then purchase soil so you can work with all types of plants. Different plants require soils with different Ph balance.

Indoor gardens – Those who live in areas of heavy snowfall can prepare an indoor garden. Outdoor gardens can be difficult in a cold climates as it snows for a couple of months. You will need convenient solutions for planting different plants, and a good soil to help them grow strong.

Community gardens – This is where people grow vegetables and other fruit plants for the community. Everyone in the community can take a part of the vegetables that are ideally grown on a monthly basis.

Container garden – This is different from traditional gardens. People grow plants in various types of containers. You have to make sure the soil is good and that proper drainage exists. You can use flower pots, barrels, tubs, totes etc. These are nontraditional containers. You can consult a gardening expert to prepare your own container garden.

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