6 Women’s Outfit Staples to Rock in All Seasons

6 Women’s Outfit Staples to Rock in All Seasons

As women approach their 40’s, fashion becomes much more trivial. Trends change too fast and the seasons change, requiring upgrades to every part of the closet. Usually, it would be possible to redo a wardrobe with every new trend, picking up new pieces, yet discarding them within a few months once the fad passes. As women get older, this becomes less ideal, and closet staples that are trendy and functional in every season are important to build a fashionable repertoire of pieces:

1. High waisted skinny jeans

These jeans are an easy piece to throw together with any weather variation. On a cool day in the summer, these jeans can be paired with a light tank top or t-shirt. In the fall or winter, high waisted jeans look amazing with a knit sweater or comfortable sweatshirt. Not to mention, cropped shirts work very well with the high waist of the pants, allowing for a trendy twist to the outfit. An example of these jeans would be the Paige jeans Bloomingdales, a simple high waisted jean that comes in simple blue and black colors to match with any top or addition in any season.

2. Black dress pants

A pair of black dress pants are a very versatile option for events, functioning well from very casual gatherings to a more professional meeting. These pants are also able to match with any top depending on the season, as well as adding either heels or flats depending on the event. This staple can be easily found even in a less expensive option such as H&M.

3. A classic black dress

Historically, a black dress has been a very intuitive staple in a woman’s closet. For any occasion and any weather, a classic black dress is also able to be paired with anything for an event. Add a pop of color with a pair of shoes or a bag, and the outfit is perfect for a business meeting or a night out on the town.

4. A structured white button up shirt

The classic white button up can be used in various ways, making it an essential to have in a wardrobe. Brands such as Banana Republic or Everlane sell structured white button up shirts that can be effortlessly tossed on for a day in, pressed and worn for a day at the office, or layered under a sweater for a colder day of the year.

5. Lightweight down jacket

A jacket is important in order to create a wardrobe fit for all seasons. Owning something to throw over your outfit in case of a chilly to cold day that will keep your outfit looking fashionable is important for the cohesion of a closet. Lightweight down jackets like a Bloomingdales Canada Goose are a beneficial addition to a versatile wardrobe. Buying a coat in a neutral color, such as black, will allow it to fit nicely over anything as the weather cools down.

6. Classic knee high boots

As mentioned earlier, a shoe can add the needed changes to the simple items in your closet. A pair of classic knee high boots, neutral toned for versatility, can change a clothing piece into a classy fashion statement. Leather or suede or even vegan leather will do, as long as they are comfortable and fit well with the rest of your collection.

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