The Lesser Known Signs of Lung Cancer

The Lesser Known Signs of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a serious cancer that affects a large number of people around the world. It is the leading cause of cancer across the globe. Those who are at an increased risk of lung cancer include smokers. The longer you smoke, and the more you smoke, the higher your chances of developing lung cancer are. While smoking is the number one risk many people who have never smoked can still get lung cancer due to secondhand smoke. 

The two main types of lung cancer include small-cell lung cancers and non-small cell lung cancers, like pancoast tumors. Here are some of the lesser known symptoms of lung cancer:

1. Fat fingertips

One of the lesser known symptoms of lung cancer is having fat fingertips. This is also known as clubbing and is an enlargement of the fingertips and a downward sloping of your fingernails. If you notice a sudden change in your fingertips or after a while start to notice that your fingertips are larger than they once were you should seek immediate medical attention.

2. Stomach upset

Another symptom of this cancer includes an upset stomach. Some people with lung cancer have high levels of calcium, also known as hypercalcemia. This can cause you to have stomach issues that leave you feeling nauseous or constipated. If you have a decreased appetite or are unusually thirsty you should seek help from your doctor.

3. Back or shoulder pain

Pancoast tumors can cause back and shoulder pain. As the tumors spread you may start to experience pain in other areas of your body, like your arms and back. If you notice pain that lasts for a long time you should request an appointment with your doctor.

4. Face and neck swelling

If you have a tumor that is present near a blood vessel in the lungs you may experience swelling in the face or neck. If blood is unable to pass normally through these vessels it can cause swelling. If you notice swelling you should see a doctor.

5. Dizziness and balance issues

Lung cancer can spread fairly quickly and if it does you may experience dizziness and balance issues. These issues can result from advanced lung cancer or even cancer that has spread to the brain. If you experience dizziness or balance issues more than in the past you should request an appointment with your primary care provider to get further tests.

6. Eye issues

If you have a tumor in your lungs you may experience blurred vision or even distorted vision. This could affect one eye or both eyes. If you have any vision changes you should note the problem and pay attention to how often they happen. If it happens a few times a week you should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. If they notice any concerns you should seek help from a medical professional.

While there are many symptoms of this cancer there are some symptoms that many people may not be aware of. These lesser known symptoms should be carefully looked at if you think you may have lung cancer. Knowing all the symptoms can help you understand when you need to seek medical help. Do not try and diagnose yourself, instead always seek medical attention if you are concerned about your health.

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