Overlooked Reasons to Quit Smoking

Overlooked Reasons to Quit Smoking

There are many reasons why smoking is such a bad habit to pick up. It’s detrimental to your health as well as those around you. People who smoke usually end up with yellow stained teeth and finger tips, which is caused by the nicotine in the tobacco, their clothes, hair, and homes have a constant smokey smell. There are sources available for those who wish to quit smoking like a smoking cessation program, wearing a nicotine patch, nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges. 

There are many health problems that smokers are at risk for:

1. Dementia

Research suggests that smoking increases the risk of developing dementia. Smoking increases the risk of developing vascular problems which is a great factor in developing dementia. Cigarette smoke causes oxidative inflammation which is another factor that can cause Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

Smoking is a big risk factor for developing rheumatoid arthritis. Smoking activates faulty immune system functioning in people who are at increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis due to genetics (or family history of the autoimmune condition).

3. Snoring

The smoke from cigarettes can cause inflammation in the tissue that line the airways. This inflammation can cause the airways to become congested causing snoring. Research has shown that the risk of snoring in smokers was doubled compared to that of non smokers.

4. Cataracts

Studies have found that people who smoke are twice as likely to develop cataracts than non smokers. Cataracts are common in older people, and cause the vision to become cloudy and blurry making it hard to see. Smoking causes cataracts by causing oxidation to the cells. Cigarette smoke contains hundreds of harmful heavy metals that accumulate in the eye lenses.

5. Diabetes

Smokers have a very high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Cigarette smoke damages cells and causes inflammation and oxidative stress which have both proven to be linked to the development of diabetes. Having extra belly fat is also a risk factor for developing diabetes. Extra belly fat causes the body to produce cortisol which is a hormone that increases blood sugar levels. People who smoke produce more cortisol in their bodies than people who don’t smoke.

6. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that is caused by a poor blood supply to the penjs. Smoking is linked to erectile dysfunction because it damages the blood vessels. Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder among older men. When younger men suffer from erectile dysfunction it’s usually caused by smoking.

7. Sudden infant death syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexpected death of an infant under the age of one. Secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 toxic chemicals and is more deadly than first hand smoke. Infants that are exposed to secondhand smoke are at an increased risk for SIDS. Women who smoke during pregnancy increase their baby’s risk of SIDS.

8. Hearing loss

Smoking increases the risk of hearing loss by clogging the eustachian tube and lining of the ear. Smoking can cause smokers to become more sensitive to loud noises, which can cause noise induced hearing loss.

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