Different Types of Flu

Different Types of Flu

There is practically an endless number of illnesses around us and flu is one of them. The past few years have proved to be a health disaster for many countries, as flu type illnesses have become more common and varied as well. Apart from common or conventional flu that is seasonal and isn’t serious, there are other flu types that may need medical intervention. This information talks about various flu and what they actually mean to your health:

1. Common flu

Seasonal flu is the most harmless type of flu that is caused by the changing seasons. Depending on your location, this flu can strike anytime but mostly during the beginning of spring. Most seasonal flu in an otherwise healthy individual will go away within a week with proper diet and hygiene. It is contagious from one individual to another in many straightforward ways.

2. Type A flu

Seasonal flu is further classified according to its virus strain, cause, onset and symptoms. Flu virus type A is found in both animals and humans and constitutes the majority of seasonal flu. It is spread from person to person through touch or being in the same room as the infected individual. Type A influenza virus can get into the air through coughing and sneezing, which is why it is best to cover yourself with a mask. There are sub-types in this category, such as H and N, which refer to different strains of the same virus.

3. Type B flu

Flu virus B is also seasonal but found only in humans. It is less severe than the A type but has the tendency to cause deadly symptoms if left untreated. However, this type of flu does not cause infection across large areas.

4. Type C flu

Flu virus C is found in humans only, and the symptoms are much less severe compared to virus A and B. It is one of the seasonal flu types but not a pandemic one. Symptoms look very similar to other types of flu, such as headache, fever, cold and so on, but goes away quickly with or without a flu shot. Unfortunately, this flu can have a severe consequence and side effects in infants, older people and those who have compromised immune system.

5. Type D flu

Influenza D is another type of flu that is confined to swine and cattle. No humans have been reported contracted with this disease so far, and it doesn’t spread from animals to humans either. Many studies and researches have been performed in this field, and some scientists suggest that there could be a possibility of this flu getting passed from animals to humans.

6. Swine flu

H1N1 or swine flu, originally discovered in Mexico, is a combination of bird, swine and human flu. This flu type spread so quickly from Mexico to North America that it became pandemic in the US during the beginning of 2009 and later around the world.

7. Bird flu

Bird flu or H5N1 is another strain of influenza that is not only serious but deadly as well. It is transmitted from birds to humans and may result in multiple organ failure, and if left untreated will eventually lead to death. In fact, more than 50% of patients suffering from this flu have died, so this is one of the most dangerous flu types out there.

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