Top Rated Designer Handbags

Top Rated Designer Handbags

A handbag is an important part of your look. It can either make or break your fashion statement and style. Hence, if you want to look and feel your best, you should accentuate your look with a stylish handbag. A high-quality luxury handbag is your investment in your wardrobe and personal style. Here is the list the most top rated designer handbags that should be in a wardrobe of every fashion queen:

1. Chanel handbags

This famous boasts a lot of luxury handbags, each one more beautiful and stylish than the next. They are symbols of timeless luxury and a perfect addition to any stylish girl’s closet. The French fashion house Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was founded in 1909 and has produced some of the most beautiful, unique and iconic handbags of the 21st century. Most of the bags of this brand are made of leather of the highest quality, including a pebbled calfskin and a lambskin. Lambskin is one of the favorite materials because of its softness and a sleek look. The handbags for daily use are mostly made of a calfskin because it is more durable, grainy, and textured.

2. Christian Dior handbags

Dior is a synonym of elegance and luxury. It has been fairly ranked top position in the fashion world. The handbags of this brand are well known for their luxury stylings and femininity. They are absolutely stunning and therefore should be in a closet of every woman. There are many reasons for making the handbags of this brand so successful. First of all, it is an extravagant, elegant, and innovative design. Second, it is its exquisite tailoring. These bags always catch women’s eyes and attention, and most ladies are proud of having one of these bags in their closets.

3. Coach handbags

Coach bags are the perfect way to demonstrate everyone your personal style and love of fashion. This brand makes different types of handbags, including clutches, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, totes, and satchel bags. They all are made of high-quality leather and manufactured through very strict standards. They are not simply priced because of the well-known brand-name, but also because of their durability.

4. Kate Spade handbags

The company was born in 1996, when an accessories editor at the women’s magazine Madamoiselle Katherine Spade decided to create a brand of colorful, stylish, and sleek handbags for women. The style of these bags is classic, feminine and chic at the same time with few details, very clean lines, and sturdy structure. These handbags are well known for their durability because of the materials they are made of: nylon, canvas, crosshatched leather, Saffiano leather, and Italian smooth leather. Having a Spade bag is to be recognized as a woman of style and taste.

5. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton handbags are an iconic stylish accessory adorning the shoulders of famous and rich women since the late 19th century. All this time they have been a synonym of luxury and style. Each bag of this brand is made of the finest materials and carefully crafted for a week. They are known for their durability, quality and made to perfection. One of the main reasons why LV handbags are so expensive are their fireproof and waterproof qualities.

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