Mistakes to be avoided while applying eyeshadow

Mistakes to be avoided while applying eyeshadow

Eyeshadows are marketed as a pretty straight forward product; one swipe across the eye and anyone is good to go. But nothing can be more embarrassing than a badly applied eyeshadow. Eyeshadows need to be dealt with respect nowadays especially because of the wide range of colors they offer. If done perfectly one can easily play with the dimensions of their eyes by some few smart strokes of shadows. Let us take a look at some of the most common mistakes women make while applying eyeshadows.

Matching the shadow and eye color
Wearing identical eyeshadows as that of the eye color is the most common mistake and it is considered too old fashioned. Eyes stand outstanding when clubbed with a color that is opposite of the color wheel. Most women have brown eyes which are considered neutral and any color eyeshadows do a fair job. But imagine using a color that is contrasting like shimmery pale champagne shades or even charcoal grey which gives a smoky effect. People who have grey eyes can try shades like orange, peach, coppery shades that fall on the opposite color wheel.

Poor Blending
Most eyeshadows fail to occur due to poor or no blending. It is always fun and experimental to apply a different layer of shades but poor blending can make the eyeshadow appear tacky. The idea is to have a smooth and clean velvet finish which is distinct and visible enough. Blending brush does the work in a charm. The oomph quotient can be raised by blending in different shades but it is advisable to not include more than three shades to keep it natural and wearable. A blend of sunny yellow, watermelon pink and a warm blue if blended perfectly can look amazing and dynamic.

Shadow applicator
Usually, mini applicators or the inbox brush does fairly well for blending, but sponge tip applicators are complicated since they tend to absorb a lot of pigments while blending. One can easily use a make-up brush to add in pigments gradually building up the required intensity.

Too heavy below eyes
Unless one is trying to achieve a goth look, too much pigment below the eyes is the most committed mistake which is avoidable. Eyeshadows show a tendency of bleeding during humid conditions and can give an appearance of dark circles eventually giving a fatigued look. One can easily dab the under area with concealer and apply the eyes shadow on the lower lash line without going further below.

Usage of bold eyeshadows
Unless it is a Halloween party a bold eyeshadow can look like vampires and it is always advisable to avoid bold usage of eyeshadows. Sticking to natural looking, shades that are neutral like brown, grey, taupe, beige gives a nice feel.

Skipping eyeliner and mascara
Eyeshadows with no mascara and liner is like missing footwear for work. No matter how perfectly your eyes are done, it will just not look electric without applying a nice eyeliner and mascara.

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