Here’s how to pick and use hair gels for men

Here’s how to pick and use hair gels for men

Unlike in the past, a wide variety of grooming products and services are available for men today. Their scope is not limited to just skin care products. Hair styling tools and formulations have become an essential part of men’s grooming ranges.

Hair gels are one of the most popular styling products among men. In this article, we discuss some important things that men must consider before choosing the perfect hair gel. In addition, we have provided a detailed guide to help men get the best results from this product.

Points to consider while buying a hair gel
It is vital to remember that not everyone has the same hair quality, and not all hair gels have the same formulation. So, you must choose the right product that suits your hair type. Most hair gels today have different ingredients and formulations for providing differential holding capacities.

If you want a hairstyle with a mild hold but adequate moisture and shine, opt for products that are free of alcohol and contain oils for nourishment. Ingredients like coconut and jojoba oils allow you to style your hair with minimal damage and stiffness.

For styles that require a strong hold, you can choose an alcohol-based hair gel. It is advisable to not use these products on a daily basis as they can cause dryness and damage.

The weather and environment are some other factors that you need to consider while choosing the right hair gel. If you live in a place that has a less humid and dry environment, then look for hair gels that have components like glycerin, humectants, and panthenol as they will not leave your hair frizzy and dry.

Tips to remember while using hair gels
Some men may be reluctant to use hair gels for styling their hair because of the hassle involved with their application. The tips provided below will ensure that you do not face trouble the next time you use this product:

  • Understanding the right amount needed
    Too much hair gel will flatten your hair while too little will produce no effect at all. So, you have to make sure that you apply the right quantity of this product. In addition, make sure that you buy a gel that suits your hair type and styling needs.
  • Comb before applying 
    Men tend to comb their hair after the application of hair gel, but some popular hair stylists suggest that brushing your hair first is ideal. Comb your hair as you want to set it and then apply the gel to ensure that your hair remains in place.
  • Dry your hair first
    Never apply hair gel on wet hair as the product gets diluted, which reduces its efficiency and holding capabilities. Make sure your hair has dried completely after a shower and only then apply some gel on it.
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