Alternative hair removal methods

Alternative hair removal methods

All of us are aware of the drawbacks of unwanted body hair. The growth and density of body hair can be affected because of various reasons, including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), increase in the levels of certain hormones, intake of specific medicines like the steroids, and genetic factors.

There are many ways by which you can get rid of the unwanted hair. But most of the methods cause some regrowth over time. Below are some of the common hair removal methods you can opt for.

Shaving can be used universally; however, there are certain factors to consider depending on each area of the body. With legs, long and clean strokes are effects as the skin is taut although it can dry out quickly so its wise to follow up with a moisturizer or opt for a razor with moisture bars. The underarms area, comparatively, is naturally moister, which makes the hair removal simpler in theory, but as the skin is more flexible here, it requires you to move the shaver in more directions in order to meet the differing directions in which the hair grows. When it comes to shaving the more intimate areas, it is advisable to pull the skin taught for a cleaner shave that will also aid the regrowth of coarse pubic hair.  

Tweezing or plucking
If there is few hair that need to be removed then the best option to do that would be with the use of tweezing or plucking method. However, this method is a little painful. People usually opt-in for this method of hair removal when they wish to reshape their eyebrows or want to simply pluck out a few hair that may have grown on the face of the person. Hair growing in larger areas should not be removed using this method. This is because this hair removal alternative can cause ingrowths or scars.

Depilatory creams
Depilatory creams, also known as hair removal creams, are a popular alternative for hair removal. These creams can be purchased without any prescription. As the composition of different hair removal creams is different, you need to read the label well before buying it. Also, certain hair removal creams are meant to remove the hair of only a certain area; hence, the usage of such a product can’t be for a different region. The chemicals that are contained in the product dissolve the hair shaft. If the hair removal cream is used improperly, which can even include leaving the cream on the region for too long, it could result in burns on the skin. If you have a history of allergic reactions, then you should do a patch test to be careful. On the pack of the hair removal cream, the direction of its usage will be given and you need to follow them in order to get effective results.

Hot wax
This method of hair removal can be done in the house itself or you can visit the salon and let a professional do it. This method of hair removal is quite painful. If in case the wax is too hot you may develop a burn. 

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