Things to consider before choosing luxury vehicle storage

Things to consider before choosing luxury vehicle storage

Choosing the perfect vehicle storage facility for luxury cars is pertinent in case you are going on a long-haul business trip or a vacation. There are a variety of things that must be taken into consideration when you are sifting through storage facility adverts and choosing options.

Owning a luxury car is a matter of pride. Every exotic and luxury car owner wants to maintain the vehicle and ensure it is in a top-notch driving condition. Also, it needs to be continuously cared for and stored in a highly secure and safe space. These vehicles are heavily priced as they are irreplaceable. Hence, while choosing vehicle storage facilities there are many options to pick. Luxury cars need to be taken care of with utmost care.

The five things to remember are security, closed-shelter facilities, climate control, exterior protection, and battery tender.

Exotic and luxury cars are valuable assets. It’s essential that the car is protected from the forces of nature and other elements such as thieves, etc. Weather conditions can impact your vehicle’s exterior and rapidly ruin the paint job and other features. Choose vehicle storage facilities which have the best security features such as motion sensor cameras, heat sensors, and external cameras to track approaching threats.

Exterior protection is needed as well for luxury cars. Protection from the sun and extreme cold temperatures can ruin the chassis and the car paint—an enclosed vehicle storage facility is ideal in such a case.

Extreme temperatures have a massive impact on vehicles, which is why it is important to choose vehicle storage facilities that have climate control. It should come fitted with dehumidifiers, air-conditioning, and a heater for cold weather conditions. Every dollar of protection is going to save you millions when you return from a business trip to find your car in pristine condition.

Additionally, keeping your car covered with a fabric cover is essential. Also, it is recommended you park the car on a plastic sheet. This protects the vehicle from long term contact with cemented floors which tend to collect moisture and dampness. Plug the exhaust pipes with newspapers when leaving your car in vehicle storage facilities. It prevents rodents and moths from entering the engine and chassis of the car.

Ensure that you have a battery tender as luxury cars are susceptible to damaging trickle chargers. Car batteries tend to stop working and need to be changed if the vehicle is not in use for long periods. Hence, a battery charger, which can be easily plugged to the AC outlet, will keep the car battery in its optimal storage voltage.

The next step is to ensure that the vehicle storage facility promises to keep your car safe and secure. Get the company to maintain the car and ensure its kept in a running condition.

It is essential to have ample space around the storage unit holding your car because closed and cramped space is not advisable for luxury vehicles.

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