Popular trucks of all time

Popular trucks of all time

Popular trucks definitely hit the highest numbers in terms of auto sales, without fail. Whether it’s the Ford F-150 or the Chevy, these trucks are practically the best-selling vehicles in the country since the 80s. There are so many new models that pour into the market every year, that makes us stop and reflect upon all the top trucks in the industry. How would one rate them?

One could go about rating a top truck by its breaking records of all-time sales. Therefore, in this article, there’s a list of some of the most popular trucks to have ever existed.

The 1987 Jeep Comanche
Even though these trucks have taken on the status of “next to mythical”, in terms of pickup/top segments, it was never quite the powerhouse. Their gladiator trucks were sold decades ago, but even so, they were not quite as popular (not more than 30,000 units per year).

The reigning sales champ for Jeep in terms of top truck sales is the 1987 Jeep Comanche that topped a little over 38,000 in sales that year. It was noticed in particular as it was the last year that American Motors owned the brand of Jeep. Seeing the competition rise around it, Chrysler discontinued its Dodge Dakota Jeep truck after the year 1992. To compete with Jeep Comanche today, a Wrangler-based top truck is expected to join the Jeep family sometime this year.

The 1999 Dodge Ram
Chrysler debuted its handsome, chiseled top truck, the Dodge Ram in the year 1994, and it was a raging success. This truck, much like a semi-truck in appearance had a large, comfortable cabin that competed massively with other companies like GM and Ford. With its innovative rear door addition, this hauler became an even more practical solution for many, which made it a huge success. It made over 428,929 sales that year and is still an iconic top truck.

The 2016 Ram
Is it just me who sees the uncanny resemblance between the current ram and the ‘90s Ram top trucks? The 2016 model has barely changed since 2009, but this full-size top truck is still the third-best-selling vehicle in the country. However, 2016 was still the best year for Ram with a raging 489,418 sales.

The 1950 Chevrolet
The ever-beautiful Chevy 1947-1955 top truck, with a touch of an advanced design, is very reliable, and car-like in nature. Back when Detroit began to develop a separate line for top trucks, it was fairly obvious that no one stood a chance against Chevy’s pack. From a sales perspective, the 1950 Chevy made over 494,753 sales that year alone. Chevy sold more top trucks that year than Ram did in their glory year of 2016.

The 1997 Toyota Hilux
This is by far the only top truck that you’ll ever need and can be found just about everywhere right outside of North America. It is comparable with the Tacoma (which is found in the country), which is a capable mid-sized top truck, but much better. The 1997 hauler was a raging success with over 500,000 sales made that year in South Africa alone.

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